Meet our team

Krzysztof Skupien, M.Sc.

Chiropractor & Inhaber

My name is Krzysztof Skupien, and as you can probably tell, I was born in Poland. What I find fascinating about chiropractic is the opportunity to help where many other healthcare disciplines can do no more. I gained my first practical experience in the field in 2010 at the Chiropractic Competence Center on the border with Lower Saxony. My education consists of five years of study at Dresden International Universityin Germany. In addition to my Master of Science in Chiropractic, I am a licensed general alternative health practitioner.

Mitja Hermann, M.Sc.

Chiropractor & Inhaber

My name is Mitja Hermann. I discovered American chiropractic while I was spending a year travelling in New Zealand. My personal experience of having a chiropractic adjustment triggered my interest in the profession, and this led me to study Chiropractic at Dresden International University. With my Master of Science in Chiropractic and my licence as a general alternative health practitioner, my aim is to improve health and quality of life in my home region.

Anna Telschow


My name is Anna Telschow. After five years of studying chiropractic at Dresden International University, I am now very happy to gain my first practical experience in a great team. I was particularly fascinated by chiropractic at the time when I was still passionate about martial arts. I would now like to pass on the wonderful feeling of being adjusted to others.

Verena Hermann


My name is Verena Hermann and I am a state-certified naturopath. I was able to follow the development and successes of the practice right from the start and I really enjoy working here. I like to get in contact with different people and to help where ever I can.

Mehtap Filiz


My name is Mehtap Filiz. I enjoy getting in contact with different people and am always happy to be there for you in the mornings. Outside of work, I am outdoors a lot and try to lead an active and healthy life.

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