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ChiroLife Bodensee is a centre for American Chiropractic, which does not just concentrate on treating pain, but holistically searching for the cause to permanently remove the problem.

Our aim: providing a new quality of life, which allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

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Low waiting time for appointments, our full attention, treatment at the appointment.

Our treatment is suitable for every patient in all ages and both genders. You can expect a professional counselling, modern diagnostics and high quality and safe adjustments of the nerval interference. Irrespective of your limitation, we try everything to not let it influence your life.

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We are a highly motivated and dedicated team, with the needed experience to treat you in the best way possible. Our education consist of a five-year-course at the Chiropractic Academy — the first chiropractic institution in Germany, which provides an acknowledged academic degree. We would love to meet you in person.

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Verena Mack, Client support

Josef-Strobel-Straße 16, 88213 Ravensburg

+49 751 95128787

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